broken pinkie toe and raynauds

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I broke my left pinkie toe at the end of May and have been through several different treatments. Its a hairline fracture that goes from the left side of my toe *down* towards the bottom of the toe (just phalange, not metatarsal).
I tried buddy taping the toe to the next toe, with an without a splint (popsicle stick).
My podiatrist now has me on a orthopedic shoe (the kind with the velcro that they give you after you’re had surgery).
The problem is I have raynauds disease as well.
I can only wear socks of a certain thickness with this orthopedic shoe.
I started having problems with this shoe in terms of tingling and numbness in my other toes on this foot.
Then last night while I was at work (air conditioned office), my entire foot became stiff and swelled up.
By the time I got home, I could barely walk.
I have a call into my podiatrist, but I don’t think he listens well enough.
Would an orthopedic shoe cause problems (besides with the sock/air condition issue) for someone like me with reynauds?
What other treatment would you suggest?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I don’t think it is the shoe, but possibly the fact that the toe area is uncovered. There are some of these shoes available with the toe area covered or some even have an extra piece to cover the toes area. You might ask your doctor for suggestions. If you can wear warmer socks (such as a wool or hunting sock) that might work. Good luck


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