broken ribs

I broke six ribs in March.
I have been doing physical therapy since May.
I basically feel stiff now but no real pain.
When I move my right arm at certain angles I can feel crunching in my back.
The doctor told me that it would be around a year for me to get back to normal with PT.
I am wondering now should I get an MRI to make sure that everything is healing correctlty. Let me now your thoughts

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    Mike,Most patients with multiple rib fractures do get repeated X-rays and (sometimes) MRIs, as time goes on…this is to follow, and document, the healing of the fractures. The X-rays will show the callus formation (healing) of the bones, while the MRI can show any soft tissue problems. Why don’t you go back to your orthopedist and mention your concerns with him and then let us know what he tells you? There is no real drawback to getting a follow up X-ray and MRI, other than (obviously) the cost involved. If you have insurance, I would go for it. Good luck.


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