Broken small toe

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I recently (about 2 weeks ago) jamed my small toe on the dryer.
I have since still attended the gym but it is not getting any better.
I can get around but it is very sore.
Do I just have to put up with the pain or should I try keep off it as much as possible.
I borke the one next to it a couple of months ago and it is fine now but took about a month to feel this way.Maybe you just have some advise for a clutz like me…


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    An x-ray might be helpful to see if the toe is healing properly. I always splint the toe to the next, using a foam pad inbetween the 2 toes for support and cushioning. I also use a hypoallergenic tape and carefully show the patient how to redo this. I generally recommend taping for approximately 6 weeks. It is amzing to me how many people think “there is nothing that can be done for a broken toe.” The foot is the only part of the body that when it is injured everyone expects to be able to walk on it. It is as important to allow these bones to heal as any others. If you are not comfortable, see a podiatrist.


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    i broke my toe on my right foot and it hurts its the small one what can I do for it


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