Broken Tailbone/Numbness

I broke my tailbone on 10/23 at work. (I slipped and fell on the slick floor) I was on work comp for over two months for it. The week after I fell, I noticed parts of my body going numb. I went back to the hospital and they did a cat scan on my spine and my head since the numbness was going into my face as well. I went back to work with a lot less pain, but I am a waitress and afer a couple of hours on my feet, parts of my body start going numb- mostly my left side-leg, arm, hand, and up into my face and lips to the point that I get dizzy. I am so frustrated and scared and no on has an answer for me. Please help

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    Hi Amanda …the same thing is happening to me but it was the doctor who put my tailbone back and I think she cracked it and now I have numbness and dizzyness on the left side too..oh do write me about what happened … Thanks Dee


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