Broken Tibia and Fibula

Hi, I was recently in a car accident and broke my tibia and fibula 100%. I had surgery and now have a titanium rod with two screws that will be in my leg forever. I am a rower and am involved heavily in competitions.I’ve heard bits and pieces from doctors and others, but can anyone give me any advice as to what I should expect?Some say 10 weeks for healing, others say longer?I’m hoping that within time, everything will be as normal as it can be and I will be back to my every day tasks. Does anyone with this same injury/fixation have any response to my post? I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Back in 2012 I broke my right Tibia and Fibula playing softball. I was really lucky and didn’t need surgery but I was on bed rest for four weeks, in a wheel chair for two, crutches for two, and a boot cast for three weeks, it made for a pretty lame summer.


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