Broken Tibia/Fibula: Muscle Atrophy

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I broke my tibia and fibula while skiing in Colorado.
When I returned home, my orthopedist put 15 screws and 2 plates in my lower leg. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to put weight on the leg for another month and a half (for a total of three months after surgery).
I do not have a plaster, but rather, a boot-like contraption with Velcro straps. Are there any exercises that I can do now to help re-build the thigh and calf muscles, which have atrophied quite a bit since the accident? Also, I am curious about how long it will be before I can jog again or even walk. Even when I can finally put weight on the leg, I guess that I will limp for awhile.

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    I broke my tibia and fibia at the end of March04, operated on 4/2/04, two plates and 18 screws. By the first of May, I was in a fiber boot and had a weight limit of 20lbs. with it on. The 21st of May, the Ortopod. lifter the weight limit, as long as I wore the boot. I too, have a lot of atrophy but he put me into therapy in early May and they have exercises but most were for loosening up the ankle, not rebuilding muscles. I have “graduated” to only using one cruth some of the time but the pain is horrible, mainly in the heel and ankle areas. I think it just takes a LOT of time to heel and muscle tone will come back when finally able to walk without a boot or cast.Hang in there and good luck.Dennis


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      Where can I find the answers to Dennis’ question about exercises during casting. My leg has also atrophied and my cast is on for another 5 weeks…and Id like to know what I can be doing in the meantime?


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