Broken Toe

2 months ago, a very heavy weight fell on my foot.
Xrays were taken and I was told I had a broken big toe. It was broken in 4 spots on the same bone.
My whole foot felt injured and swelled up really big.
I wore a boot for 5 weeks and a surgical shoe for 2 weeks and I have been wearing a tennis shoe for 2 weeks.
I had to buy a half size larger and wide.
This is the only shoe that fits because my foot is still swollen.
In addition walking is painful because my toe doesn’t bend and is still very swollen.
The top of my foot hurts and the bottom hurts too.
My podiatrist made a pad for the bottom of my foot.
She seems to think I’m making good progress.
However I don’t since there is so much pain.
What do you think might be the problem and solution.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Have you seen a recent x-ray of the fractured toe?Depending on your level of activity, health etc., swelling can persist for many weeks and months after an injury.


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