Broken toe still swelling

I fractured my second toe from the big toe two weeks ago by dropping a dumbbell on my foot. The foot itself is still very bruised and I am unable to walk on it. Also, the toe is still just as swollen as the day I went to the hospital. I’m just wondering if it is normal to still have so much pain and swelling after two weeks of keeping it immobile? If so, when should I expect to see some improvement? Thanks!__Beth

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    I stubbed my toe ( next to little toe) about 2 weeks ago – I walked on it for a week, thinking it would get better. It got more sore – then felt like golf ball under foot – went to Dr. he said “yep” it’s broke, put small bandage to support it – come back in 2 weeks he said.It’s painful, it’s swollen – my whole foot swells … not fun. don’t have answer except grin and bear it – take anti-inflammatory ….


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