Broken Ulna

I fractured my ulna in June of 2012. I was in a cast for 12 weeks (8 long cast) and (4 short). I was in rehab for 6 weeks. I am still having flexablity problems as well as pain at the fracture site, wrist, and in my elbow.. I was just wondering if this was normal. Keep in mind no surgical repair was done.. It was just left to heal on its own.

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    : I broke my ulna and have had 2 pins and surgical wire put in. No cast just tension bandage and am not set yet for physio(recommended bt surgeon). How long can I expect to be in the healing process, I am 43yrs old. And what types of pain kilers (I have hep B&C) should I recieve right now I am on robaxisal c1/4’s but they seem to have short term effect. Is it possible to go on mophine small dose like in the hospital for a period of time?


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