broken upper arm therapy

hi… I hit the water with an outstetched arm and broke the upper humeral shaft. it did not need to be set and did not break the skin. the bone is totally in 2 parts. I have been in a sling for 34 days. the swelling is down and I can move freely from my elbow on down. this weeks xrays show the bones fusing just fine. I expect a 100% recovery. I DO NOT SMOKE, which has helped my recovery. problem…. I cannot move my upper arm forward. I can move backwards. is it too early to begin any exercises and what is a mild one to start with? the doc says 2 more weeks and I should be 90% healed. my shoulder blade hurts too. Thanks

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    Hey I broke my radius mid shaft and have had a cast since dec. 3. I broke it playin hockey, I will get the cast off on january 31. Do you think I should get some type of therapy for my arm? would it be worth it?


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