Bruise causing Leg Numbness

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Hello, I recently bumped my shin pretty hard, it has caused a monstrous bruise. I bruise easily, so it didn’t cause any concern to me. But, for the last week, from the bruise down the circulation in my leg is cutting off and causing numbness, similar to when your foot falls asleep. Should I be worried or go have it checked? Thanks

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    Bruising usually causes internal swelling secondary to trauma. That swelling could sometimes cause impingement to a nerve causing the feeling of numbness or tingling. If it persists much longer it might be a good idea to get it looked at. If a nerve is impinged for long it could be damaged beyond repair.


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    I fell two weeks ago and bruised my leg badly. Now I am experiencing the numbness Todd described. M Scott comments to Todd that if it persists much longer to have it checked. How long is longer? Should I have mine checked?


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    I slipped on the pool ladder and did a nice job on my leg. I hit my ankle but the bruise on my leg starts about mid-shin to just below my knee on the inner side (about 6 inches long). This bruised almost immediately and really hurt. I also discoverd a bruise right behind my knee where my leg must have come to rest on the ladder rung. The bruise behind my knee is very purple and hurts. The other large bruise is already changing colors – this happened 4 days ago. I have been on prednisone at a dose of 10 mg every other day. I know this medication will thin your skin so you there can be easy bruising. Should I go see a doctor to have this checked out? A nurse friend mentioned blood clots. Am I already past the period where these might occur? Any info would be helpful. Thanks for all your help.


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