Bruise that will not heal on leg

I was accidentally struck on the front of my leg between my ankle and knee with a metal bar approximately 2 years ago. The bruise is still there, and sometimes there is pressure and slight pain if I stand for long periods of time. I did not seek medical treatment at the time of the injury because I assumed the bruise would fade, but it has not. Is there anything that can be done to treat the bruise at this late stage?

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    May PT

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    Isa,Usually a deep bruse to the shin causes inflammation to the periostium (lining of the bone. There can also be a deep bone bruse which takes a long time to heal…though 2 years is an awfully long time to take for it to heal. I would advise you to see a PT for an evaluation: they can tell you if they think some of thier modalities, such as Ultrasound, might help. Please let us know what they tell you.


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