Bruised foot or stress fracture?

The top of my left foot has been hurting off & on the last couple of weeks following a collision it sustained during a football (soccer) match.

The injured area has never bruised, swelled, or been disfigured but has been sore to the touch lately…especially after a day of wearing my dress shoes.

When I pull my toes back it does hurt some but it is not intense pain….I am concerned about a possible stress fracture but think it could be more of a really bad bone bruise of sort. Any recommendations or suggestions in how to treat the area would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey..I was reading your post..I too have had pain on the top of my left foot.I have no swelling as I can see and no redness..just very tender to the touch! I highly recommend you go see your doctor. I just went yesterday and I do have a stress Fracture! I have to stop running for 6 weeks..I go back next week to see if it is healing..if it is not..i will have to cast it! go get it checked out! Mine wasn’t severly painful..but it did hurt to walk on! good luck!


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