Bruised Knee?

I was playing volleyball and dove for the ball.
I bounced on my knee twice with a slight twist.
It is pretty sore, but no swelling.
I am currently wearing a hinged knee brace, hoping that it would kind of heal itself. When I put any pressure on it at all it feels bruised.
The pain is under the knee cap.
Should I get it looked at by a professional?

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    Diagnosed as bruised meniscus,left knee, Dr. gave shot of cortisone (MRI was done) and no PT or exercises suggestions, no idea given on how long the pain will last,etc. Do you have any idea on how long it will take to improve, it is painful, still swollen (shot was a week ago) and not improving much. I want to know what I can do to help the healing process. I am dealing with Spinal Stenosis flair up with a bone spur effecting my legs and feet (numbness and pain).


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