Bruised knee

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Well I fell off my bike and landed on my knee… it is quite swollen 24 hrs after accident and I have some pain on weight-bearing however i’m in the middle of training for half marathon… how long do u suggest before resuming training?? Thanks

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    Until you are pain free when riding your bike…could take weeks. Until then to keep up your endurance do upper extremity exercises, maybe even one of those upper body bikes they have in the gyms. And ice, ice, ice.


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    I was invloced in a collision playing baseball and my knee was hit by the other players shin. It was painfull at the time of the collision but after about 10 min I was able to walk off the feild. My knee swelled a little the first day and was even ok early the next morning but has since swelled alot. It is now two days after and I have been keeping ice on it constantly but it does not seem to be reducing the swelling. Is it normal for it to take so long before you see a reduction in swelling and should I be tring to keep keep it moving?


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