bruised ribs

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i have had bruised ribs in the front right side for over 16 weeks. they feel fine until I try to do any type of exercise – a few situps, light chest presses. I have tried resting, acupucture and no relief. do cortisone shots work for this or any other therapy.

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    I fell about two months ago and landed on the corner of a cabinet on my back; it immediately bruised about the size of a softball. I had an x-ray and was told that I had pushe one of my back ribs up into another one and the had bruised the muscles between them. Two months later they are still really tender and sore. How long can I expect for this discomfort?On an unrelated topic. Does anyone know what a “wenis” is. My kids have been calling each other that, when I told them to stop they told me it was the elbow. I didn’t believe them but when we went to see the movie “Stickit” they referred to the wenis as part of the elbo too. Now I’ve been trying to find anything I can, just out of curiousty, but haven’t found a thing. I’m also not sure of the spelling. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Hi, I fell about 12 weeks ago on my back on steps. I landed on my back. I bruised somewhere along the 9th rib and down low near the 12 rib. Like other post, I”m still struggling and I’m a very fit person. I can’t lay on my injured side. I’ve read so many things that it takes 6 weeks to heal and it’s just not happening. The healing is slow. It also appears I have hematomas.. Anyone have any ideas how long it takes.


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