Bruised & Swollen Foot

The ball of my husbands fott, on the outer side began swelling and bruising last week.
The bruise keeps getting larger, and he is beginning to find it difficult to walk on it.
He has had no injury to the area.
There does not seem to be a bite of any kind.
The only thing we can even guess might be the problem is he got a new paair of work boots about a week before this started.
If anyone has ANY ideas as to what might be happening a would greatly appreciate it.
My husbands whole job is walking for 8 hours a day!!

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    Hey CherieI am having the same problem with my foot. I had no injusy (that I can remember) to it, I was just walking around one day and my foot really started hurting. When I removed my shoes my foor twas swollen and bruised jsut liek your husband. The only difference is that the shoes that I was wearing I have worn several times before. I am planning on checking it out at the doctors, if I find anything out I will let you know. Otherwise, can you please advise me if your husband figures out what the problem is? Thanks


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