Build strength in legs after Chemotherapy.

Hello, My mother is 78 years old and has cancer of the colon & liver. It is inoperable and she has a colostomy also. She is being given a giant dose of Chemo which seems to be really shrinking her tumors. She never took more then a vitamin all her life. Now of course she is on a lot of different things. Before this happened she was a fast walker and had strength to do whatever she wanted to.Now she cannot even stand or walk more then 4-5 steps without falling. She is trying to get on her exerciser for her legs but with no consistency. Is there any exercises we can help her with to bring blood flow to her legs so they don’t feel so rubbery to her? Is there any exercise to do from her chair that may help to build strength to do these exercises on her bike? This bike isn’t like a normal exercise bike it is one they had her use durning physical therapy for knee replacements. One doctor told her to walk and lift small weights but she cannot even stand or take more then a few steps. She falls all the time. Please help us to be able to help her. I think if she felt stronger in this way she would not be so depressed either. Thank you in advance!

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    Is she still on chemo? Chemo really robs folks of their energy and strenght. Will the doc prescribe maybe out patient PT? Exercise releases endorphins which should also help with her depression. Check out this websight for some sitting exercises. You can probably find a video or dvd of the same. Do a search on Amazon or check your local library. God Bless you and your mother. Mya PT


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