Buldging disk L5

Im 15 and I was doing weight training last fall and I hurt my back and I had an MRI and cat scan and they showed I had a buldging disk on l5 and the doctor reccomended I stop doing cleans and hex bar so I did and I went to physical therapy twice a week for 1 and a half months I noticed little improvment and I just ignore the pain most of the time now. im going to be taking a weight training class this school year that last all school year not just thje fall semester like last time and I was wondering what I can do to relieve the pain and to minimize the risks or reinjuring it?

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    I was reading your question about the bulging L5. I am 22 and not a professional, but do have some advice. I recommend not ignoring the pain, you want to make sure not to fracture the L5. I was just in a car accident 7/9/04 and one of my injuries is a broken L5. My doctor said I was very lucky not to be paralyzed. So my advice is to be very careful w/any back or spine pain so as not to do any damage that could possible fracture or paralyze you. Fortunately I don’t need back surgery, but I do have to wear a back brace for 3-4 months. It is very uncomfortable! I am not complaining, just letting you know. My advice is to speak to a medical doctor who may refer you to a specialist or to see a chiropractor. Good Luck, Chelsea


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