bulging disk

I have a recurring problem which was diagnosed several years ago as a bulging disk, L5 – S1. I did have a mylegram, and this was the diagnosis. I have only been able to get relief from going to a chiropractor, but this time I am not getting relief from these symptoms. At first it was severe low back pain, relieved from a chiropractic visit. Now, I have numbness in the left buttock and left upper thigh in the back, also numbness on my left heel toward the back and bottom of my foot. At first I felt spasms in my left calf and buttock, and a radiating pain through my leg down to my foot. Now my left calf is siezing up more and more, and I am increasingly limping when I walk. Another visit to the chiropractor did not relieve this. Help, I am very active, teaching and running public workshops that I can’t stop for. Was I diagnosed correcly, and how do you recommend that I manage this to relieve these symptoms quickly?


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