Bump on outer edge of foot??

I was getting a massage/reflexology the other day and she told me I was getting a bunion.
I’m like a bunion?
So I look at my feet and there is a bone sticking out, hwever it’s not near the big toe like where bunions generally form.
The bone sticking out doesn’t hurt or anything, but what could have caused this and should I see a podatrist?
Is this a common thing?
I’m 30 and tall if that makes a difference.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If this “bunion” is on the 5th metatarsal head then it is referred to as a tailor’s bunion. Many years ago ( before sewing machines were computerized), tailor’s sewed with a foot pedal. They frequently rubbed a lesion on the outside part of the foot by the 5th metatarsal head- hence a tailor’s bunion. Shoes can aggravate a pre-existing problem. You should see a podiatrist for further evaluation.
    Good luck.


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