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Please help – My boyfriend has large lumps along the outside of his foot. They are located more on the arch beneath his pinky toe starting below the ball of his foot running to the top of the heal. The lumps are hard and hurt when you push on them. They range from the size of a quarter and bigger. He had bilateral hip surgery 2 yrs ago. He had to have his hips replaced because of a rare disease that only attacks the hip joints. He is a healthy 34 year old man. He had to walk with a limp for many years until the surgery. The lumps started right before he had surgery 2yrs ago and gradually increases in size.
I mentioned the hip problem thinking it might have attributed to the foot problem. What could this be? he plans on seeing a professional as soon as his medical insurance kicks in, but I’m worried this could be very serious. Thank you for any help you can give – very worried


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry I can’t give you any information without examining him. As soon as he can, he should have this evaluated.


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    I have 2 bumps on the inside of my arch. Also are hard and painful, but not as painful as when I first noticed them. I’m thinking they are located on a vein.


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