Bunion and neuroma surgery

I had the bunions on both feet operated and a neuroma taken our of my right foot on 1-28-04.
The left foot is doing great. I’m back in a tennis shoe and probably could get into a dress shoe if I want.
There is VERY little swelling.
On the right foot where the 2 procedures were done my foot is still swollen and becomes more swollen when I stand and walk around.
How long will this last.
I though the swelling would go away and if I was on my feet alot it would swell. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    First I would ask what bunion procedures were done and was it the same on both feet? Do you have any other conditions that might contribute to the swelling- such as varicose veins, do you cross your legs alot? I might also mention that from your description, you are actually ahead of schedule on the left foot. You might actually be right on target with the right foot. Remember the foot is the only part of the body that is cut on and we expect to walk on it. Gravity is the enemy of foot surgery. I suggest you ask the doctor who did your surgery your questions.


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