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most of what I have read on the internet about surgery has not been good. how often is this surgery done and how many cases turn out that the problem is worse? I am getting ready to have this done and now I wish I had not read anything on the internet about it help!


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    What and where is it you have read about bunion surgery that has you upset? I suppose you could make this statement about any medical treatment or surgery. There will always be people who are unhappy with anything. I can not give you statistics about the number of procedure done and outcomes. I can tell you that bunion surgery is performed competently and frquently by many podiatrists. Think about this- if it was harming so many people, why would we do it? Besides, from a practice standpoint, that would be bad for business.You need to talk to your doctor and get your concerns addressed. Good luck.


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    i had bunion surgery at a veterans hospital. it was very painful for a long time afterwards. I hope you have about 3 months to recover. trying to get around a little, your foot will swell quickly so you have to sit and elevate your leg. It was first put in a removeable plastic cast, but after a month they decieded to put it in a hard cast. the cast rubbed on the incision and became excrutiating after two days.ihad to cut the cast off, it had caused a deep infection in the incision.needless to say they were not happy. then they put me in a velcro boot so as not to bend the toe. at least I am able to remove it as my bunion had bothered me many years toe would not bend backward, shoes would squeeze on it, could not walk far and especially if I bumped it or dropped something on it, the pain was excrutiating.its still been three mos. most of the pain has gone, but now the toe is fused and doesn’t bend. I still can’t do much walking so I cannot say if it was all worth it.make sure you are able to get prescription pain relievers as long as you need them, over the counter will be worthless. basically I would say if it doesn’t really bother much don’t do it.this is my experience so far perhaps it will be better for you….good luck.


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