Bunion surgery gone bad!!

I had bunion surgery on November 6 2013.
I also had a taylors bunion that was “fixed”.
My doctor said I should have my little toe straightened so we decided to go ahead and fix it at the same time.
The doctor put a pin in both toes.
The pins were removed at 12 days post-op.
I had follow-up visits with my doc every two weeks with numerous x-rays taken.
I noticed the fifth toe bones were never touching.
I asked many times why and was told he really didn’t know but maybe I should wear the surgical shoe for another couple weeks.
Finally after being put back in the shoe for the third time I got a second opinion.
On April 9, 2014 I had surgery for a nonunion of the fifth metatarsal which turned out to be a resection of the fifth metatarsal head due to avascular metatarsal necrosis.
What causes this?
Is it possible that if I had gotten it corrected sooner, this condition could have been avoided?

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    I had surgery in the middle of Dec. of my right foot bunion. My doctor explained that not only did he remove the bunion, but that he also took a wedge out of the large toe bone in order to straighten it up. I had asked him not to put the metal screws in my foot, but to please use the dissolvable ones. He informed me after the surgery that the dissolable screws kept breaking and he could not keep them in, therefore he just stiched the bone together. (He had originally told me he had put plates in and stiched them together. I’m not sure now which happened. It has been 9 weeks now. I was on crutches and a cast for 6, then was told to put 1/3 weight on the foot with a boot. After a week of this, my foot was x-rayed again and he told me not to put weight on it anymore because the bone was not together on one side. My foot swells badly, is a red, blue, and black color, but is not that painful. By the end of each day, my leg is swollen bigger than the one I use everyday to get me around because I am still using crutches. I wear a compressor wrap around the foot and ankle during the day, as prescribed by my doctor in order to control swelling. I soon have an appointment to learn how to use an electromagnetic bone stimulator. I am wondering if I should get a second opinion. I live by myself, I’m 45, and a school teacher. This is becoming VERY aggravating. Please help!!


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