Bunionectomy Post Op Fears

I had bunion surgery in early February. It scares me that here it is July and my big toe joint still hurts badly. I have even fewer choices in shoes now than I did before. I chose supposedly one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Southern California – the woman all the docs up here in the Central Coast send their problem cases to. She said I could start hiking in July, but when I do walk at all (say, 2 miles)the foot hurts the rest of the day. I’ve done 6 weeks of physical therapy so far.
I am utterly despairing. I used to run, and did this surgery in order to do so with less pain. Now I’m scared I’ll never be able to do much hiking, let alone running, again. It’s hard to imagine I’ll be living with constant pain like this.
Thanks for lettting me vent. Might you have any ideas what I can do now?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Hopefully, you have discussed your concerns with your doctor.If you have not, then do so. If you are not getting a helpful response, I recommend you ask for copies of your records and pre and post op x-rays and get another opinion. I am sure there are board certified podiatrists in your area. Good luck.


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