Bunionectomy–Both feet at once?

I am due to have a long overdue bunionectomy. My left foot hurts constantly and I am unable to walk barefoot bc of the deformity affecting my second toe mtp joint. ihave 2 kids–5 months old and 21 months old, and I will have help round the clock. I am wondering if I should do both feet or just one at a time. Also, wouldlike a realistic expectation of post surgical pain. my doctor said he would have to do a proximal osteotomy on the right foot bc of the amount of deformity. This would involve cutting the proximal portion of the metatarsal and using screws to realign as well as cutting a wedge out of the prox phalanx of big toe. on left foot he felt he could do a chevron to allow for partial weight bearing on that foot (no weight bearing on right foot for 6 weeks, it will be casted)any thought? I am still nursing my baby, and I know I will need a lot of help, I am just wondering if it would be better to get it all done in one fell swoopThanks! Cherie

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    This is a highly personal and subjective matter. One that the patient must make the decision based on sufficient information. There are pro’s and con’s to each scenario. This would be strictly MY approach. In no way do I speak for any other doctor. I would first suggest you evaluate your needs and wants. I would make absolutely positively clear you understood all of the post operative requirements- non-weight bearing, etc. There could be an equally convincing case to make for doing one at a time vs. both at the same time. I have done this both ways. It is entirely subjective.One pertinent point is that if you are nursing your baby, what about the pain medicine you may require? Even though you have “help” you may be who the kids want. These are just my thoughts.


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