Is there an alternative to surgery for bunions?
I have a bunion on both feet, the right is worse.
I tripped and fell and injured my foot 3 weeks ago, had an x-ray, no breaks, but the bunion has been very painfull ever since.
It was bruised all around the bunion, that is gone now but still cannot seem to wear any shoe without pain.
I do not want to have surgery, can I do something else to help reduce the pain?
I have seen those bunion/toe braces that you wear to bed at night.
Is that a good option?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Certainly you could have had a soft tissue injury, which would not show up on x-ray. A diagnostic ultrasound or MRI would show this. Having said that, it will probably be several more weeks before the pain subsides. Immobilizing might help it heal faster. As far as the bunion splints you see in catalogues, I have seen some that look like torture devices and would not consider them useful. Even if you found something to wear, you could not fit it in a shoe during the day. People expect the foot to heal while they are still walking on it. That seems unrealistic. You might consider asking your doctor for a cast boot to further immobilize the foot. Why do you think you have to have surgery since you injured your foot?


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