My orthopedist-surgeon has recommended that I have surgery on both feet, as I have bunions and bursitis (I’m 65, and in very good health, I walk 6 miles each day) Would you recommend doing both feet at the same time, or is it best to wait between surgeries. What have you found to be the average recovery time (back to wearing regular shoes.
What additional problems could I have if I go forth with the surgery. Thank you.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The decision to have surgery should be based on many factors such as expected downtime, family obligations, expense, family support, do you have to drive yourself? As you can see, there is no one size fits all answer. When patients ask when they will be wearing shoes, that is somewhat misleading since different procedures have different healing times. Your age and health are also factors.You should ask your doctor these questions and only proceed when you are comfortable understanding the answers. That being said, there are numerous internet sites that offer information, but your best bet is to discuss this with your doctor. Good luck.


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