Bunnion on right foot big toe

i have recently been to the doctors and have been diagnosed with a bunnion on the right foot, they have reffered to me to a podiatrist but not for 5 months. I love playing sport, especially football and wear trainers all the while. Is there anythign I should do help the bunnion to stop forming and really avoid surgery. It hurts sometimes wen I walk and I also have quite flat feet. will an arch support help. I do not wish to stop sport, so any help is greatly recieved

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You might want to try going to a specialty shoe store that caters to runners. They usually know how to fit better. As far as arch supports helping I can’t be sure. There are many types of arch supports or orthotics. They vary from inexpensive pre-fabs to custom made.As far as avoiding surgery, wjen you meet with your podiatrist, you will discuss your options. Ask questions and don’t be shy about asking for clarification. Good luck.


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