Burning Arches

I work a job that is standing and walking 40 hours a week on cement floors. A year ago my left foot began having problems such as pain and sometimes swelling.
mainly the bottom of my foot felt like it had a bad bruise that I had to walk on.
Occassionally it would be so bad that I would get shooting pains up my foot, around the area of my heel.
I DID NOT feel like I was walking on a rock or pebble.
I also would get pain that was like a rubber band being stretched taught under my foot and then when it was pulled to the limit I would get shooting pains in my foot.
This all can happen intermittenly or ocassionally and I will have some or all of these symptoms. But this very recent problem has been frustrating to deal with.
For 3 days not the arch of my left foot has been burning. Like it is on fire.
The degree of burning goes from mild to extreme, and nothing seems to calm it down.
I have never seen a doctor about any of this.
When it has been bad I take asprin or tylenol or Ibuprophen.
I soak my foot and wear insoles that are gel filled.Any info on what I might be doing to help would be appreciated.


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