Burning feet w/ exercise

I have a problem with an intense burning sensation, almost to the point of pain, in my bottoms of my feet while exercising only.
This occurs when using a stairmaster, eliptical trainer or recumbant exercise bike.
It does not occur with regulr walking, running, treadmill, or riding a regular bike.
It seems like a form of neuropathy, but I’m confused as to why I have it (I have no predisposing conditions) and why it occurs on the machines and not during workouts off the machines.
Anyone ever heard of this type of burning sensation?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You may be experiencing plantar fasciitis. The weight gain may be a factor, but then again, it isn’t the only thing causing your pain. If you can get a good walking shoe and wear it all the time see if this helps. If you do not see an improvement, then I recommend you see a podiatrist for evaluation and treatment.


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