Burning Heel

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I have read the several posts about heal pain..and I am going to try to see a doctor..but..My left heel has been hurting SO bad especially after standing for 8+ hours at work.
I think the insides of my New Balance shoes are worn out as well.
Now my heel is burning, not just at night but anytime that I do sit or lie down.
Also, are New Balance a good shoe for support in your opinion?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The short answer is yes, I think New Balance makes good shoes. But if the shoe is worn out, then that is another story. You certainly can replace the original insole quite easily with an insole that is readily available at most sporting good stores, Wal-mart etc. You get what you pay for. Don’t think that something that costs $1 is as good as something that costs $15.
    I think this is something you should do immediately even before seeing a doctor. You also can use ice on your heel when you come home. That might help.


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    I stand on cement floor 8 hrs. My feet or heels that is has started burning so bad even when I walk the pain is there. What do you think can solve this . Most grately apreciated.


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