Burning in shoulder/back

I injured my shoulder 20 years ago throwing discus in high school. I don’t know exactly what the injury was but immediately afterward, I had a large lump on my shoulder blade or maybe it is the shoulder blade. I also get a severe burning sensation along the spine adjacent to the shoulder blade. It then tenses up and the pain goes up my neck. This had not bothered me overmuch for several years. 5 months ago, I had a mini open rotator cuff repair, distal clavicle resection, a biceps tenodesis and AC joint debridement. Since then, my shoulder has reverted back to the burning, tense feeling. My doc says x-rays show no abnormality even though you can see and feel the lump. Any ideas. Tired of living with this and no answers. Thanks, jan

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    I had a sub acromial decompression last year when I was told I had grades 3 and 4 arthritic change which would end up in me having a replacement joint. Last week I had a distal clavicle resection and the word is that the arthritic change is now all grade 4. I’d like to know realistically when I can expect this to be done. The consultant said he hoped it would some time down the line. I will see him in late Nov to follow up on this procedure and would like some info. I’m 51 in Dec and would like to know if there are any advantages in going for/delaying the replacement as I believe it has a shelf life of some 10 – 15 years and will only be done twice. Any comments?Colin Meredith(Spelling errors corrected this time)


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