burning pain in ball of foot and toes

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I am 52 years old and have no chronic health problems.
I am trying to get in shape for a hike I am planning later this year.
I have been walking 5 miles/day, three times/week.
I wear my backpack, that currently has ~20 pounds in it.
I plan to work up to 40 pounds.
I am wearing hiking boots that I bought last summer, that I had no problem with.
This year, however, I am having an intense, burning-like pain that begins after about 2.5 miles.
The pain starts in the ball of my foot (left foot>right foot) and extends to the three middle toes.
The pain is relieved somewhat by curling my toes under as I walk or stretching them out.
The pain is completely relieved when I stop walking.
This will never do on the hike I have planned!
Can you help?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There may be a change in the shape of your foot from last year. The shoe might be compressing your foot as it swells after a period of time. Many times, burning pain is due to nerve entrapment. A morton’s neuroma can also be the cause. The best thing to do is wear or bring the shoes with you when you see a podiatrist.


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    Please let me know what to do!!!


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