Burning pain on top outside of right foot and right hand


I’m a 45 year old healthy male. I exercise regularly. About 4 months ago I started feeling a burning pain on the top outer side of my right foot. The pain starts at about the mid point of my foot (lengthwise) and extends down to just before my little toe. There is no pain in any of my toes. I went to a foot specialist and after having some xrays taken he said it might be a little bit of arthritis. There is no swelling of my foot at all, just this burning pain that seems to be at its worst when I get up out of bed first thing in the morning.
I have the exact same type of burning pain in my right hand…specifically the knuckle of my index finger. If I accidently bump that knuckle on something the pain is really intense. I haven’t done anything to injure it that I can remember in the past.
My main question is, could these burning pains in some way be related?
If so what could it be?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You might want to consider seeing a neurologist for further evaluation.


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