burning sensation on shoulder blade

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i have a burning sensation on my shoulder blade when i’m sitting at my computer desk for a long period of time. I figured it might be from being in one posotion for that time and I had epidurals with both my children due to c-sections and I thought that might be a factor! Help



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    Typically burning pain is associated with muscle. Muscle becomes tight and releases lactic acid and causes burning. Muscle spasm or hypertonicity can be caused by nerve irritation. The nerve is irritated and causes the muscle to tighten up. A common finding is vertebral misalignment causing the nerve to become pinched, which leads to muscle spasm or tightness. There are other organic conditions that can refer pain under the shoulder blade. This is something a chiropractor will consider during his/her examination and will rule out. Chiropractic care is a good idea as it addresses the cause of the problem and doesn’t rely on medications to treat the symptoms. If the doctor finds that it is organic in nature he/she will refer you to the appropriate specialist. My guess is it is a mechanical/postural problem.


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    I have been dealing with this same problem since Oct 2018.Mine didn’t start until I pulled a muscle in my right chest area at work, 2 weeks later I noticed a burning sensation across my right shoulder blade while sitting at my computer. I now have pain when I over use my right arm its the same burning sensation I feel when sitting. My doctor says she doesn’t understand why I am having the pain while sitting. I need answers!


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