Burning Sore/Corn on Toes

My little toe rubs underneath the next toes. This has caused a sore/corn which when wearing shoes & walking or on touching sends a very painful burning sensation through the toe. Can anyone please advise me what it is or what I could use to clear it up.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your toe is in a bad position and therefore rubs enough to cause a corn. I do not recommend any over the counter corn removers which contain salicylic acid. This simply burns the skin and can cause problems and I have seen many. An old fashioned treatment is to use lamb’s wool wrapped around the toe to cushion and protect it. You might try to make an appointment with a podiatrist for further evaluation and treatment. There are times we fix this problem surgically but I am not sure in the UK how long it would take to get scheduled.


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