Bursa on forefoot

I wrote to you a long time ago about my daughter having bilateral bunionectomy.
She actually was doing well for the first 3 months then started developing pain under her right forefoot.
She said it felt like she was rolling over her tendon.
She went back to physical therapy-stretching, lazer treatment that seeemed to do the trick.Unfortunately, 4 weeks later she was back to square one and went in for more treatments.
This happened 3 times so the doctor ordered an MRI that revealed a bursa.
She is having her wear a U pad under her foot and is in the process of having new orthotics made.
Her MRI said that structurally everything is great. She has very limited motion with her big toe joint when she tries to push it down.
Her big toe is slightly raised when she walks or stands.
Could this have something to do with the Bursa?
Also, the doctor said that a cortizone shot could work in this situation.
What are your thoughts?
She seems to get this repetitive injury quite a bit and I feel like she is just going in circles.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There is a biomechanical instability causing this problem. I think a new orthotic is the right thing to do.


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