burser inflammation on outside of both legs

What treatment other than getting cortisone shot may I try to relieve this pain??
I cannot sleep on either side. Only on my back! Getting real tired of this pain. Going to Orth dr. today to get the shots.
I know that these shots only relieve the pain, short-term, and then they are not effective any longer.
I think. thanks for your response. Jan

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Janet,Sorry I didn’t be able to get back to you with your problem. My name is Dr. Gambale and I am a Chiropractor for more than 22 years, you may still be able to correct the problem look at ways of treating the whole person rather than your leg. Diet, exercise, chiropractic detoxification visit me online or call me at toll free 877-602-7248 for a better understanding of your medical problem. Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambale


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