Bursitis, bursitis, bursitis !

I’ve just seen a sports doc after a year of increasingly painful hip/lower back pain. I’ve been through a piriformis syndrome diagnosis, sacroiliac joint hypermobility, and right trochantric bursitis (had a cortisone shot for that 6+ months ago). NOW the diagnosis is trochantric bursitis on both sides and iliopsoas bursitis on the right side. My SI joint is only reacting to this and other muscle imbalances (tight right hip flexor, weak abductors, and the bursitis). My treatment will be a few months of anti-inflammatories, phsyio, and more cortisone shots.
Anyone ever had a shot for iliopsoas bursitis ? It needs ultrasound (I think) for guidance since it’s deep. How about trochantric bursitis ? Were they successful ???????

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    I’ve got chronic trochanteric bursitis that comes and goes – comes with overuse. Never had a shot for it, but I find that physio, stretching and reduction in (painful) exercise works…I’d try these before getting a shot. To be honest, there’s a lot of hip pain I simply run through. And I think it prudent to be weary of overly invasive treatments…


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