calcaneal apaphysitis

My son has been diagnosed with calcaneal apaphysitis and has been fitted for a “very expensive” pair of orthodics ($350.00).
After 2 weeks of wearing the orthodics, he complained of more pain plus pain in the knees.
He was seen again and the orthodics were adjusted and he was told to continue on.
After another 2 weeks the pain was unbearable so he opted to take the orthodics out of his shoes.
All pain subsided for approximately 2 weeks and his heels began hurting again.
We returne for yet another appointment only to have the podiatrist readjust again and put another type of insert (more cushiony) in with the orthodics.
This has helpd a little bit, however, with the orthodics and then the other insert which is not attached to the orthodics – it is a nightmare getting them into his shoes.
Any suggestions??????

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Those white marks are usually a sign of some sort of trauma. It might be as subtle as the nails hitting the end of the shoe repeatedly. They are not calcium. Nails and hair are mostly a protein called keratin.


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