calcaneus fracture of both feet, after surgery

On April 29, 2013 I fell off a roof and crushed my left calcaneus bone and fractured my right in 3 places.
Sx was done 3 weeks later on my left foot with pins and screws and placed in cast, right foot was put into cast with no sx.
Sept cast have been removed, dr. said I will have a foot of a 75 year old women.
Therapy was supposed to be started after removal of cast, but dr. decided against it.
I can not move my left foot in a circular motion or side to side, so balance is a issue.
The pain and spasms that I have are not something that I look foward to each day. Swelling and bruising on top of my foot still occurs daily, I have to use my crutches and boot on adaily basis.
I think something is just not right I aslo think that I should have had therapy.
Any suggestions or feedback?
I am a 43 year old female.

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    You defnintely should have had therapy. I am 49 yo female and crushed my heel, broke fibula and tibula and femur in a car wreck 7 months ago. I’m walking around pretty well now with a custom arch support in my shoes and occasional use of a cane. The reason you cannot rotate the ankle may be in part due to the placement of pins, etc., but it is also due damage and atrophy of the muscles in that area. I work part time as a massage therapist, so right after my accident I started research about what muscles, ligaments, etc., were involved and what to do to get them back in shape. I was in PT 3x week as soon as I got out of the cast, which I only work for about 6 weeks. It HURT LIKE HELL much of the time, but at least I have mobility. If your doctor won’t assign PT for you, find another doctor. It will be harder the longer you wait. Good luck, and keep me posted.


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