calcaneus fracture w/severs disease?

my 10 yr old has been dx’d with severs 2 yrs ago. It flared this week with track and soccer. Xray showed inflamation where cartilage is growing between plates, but also a crack(fracture) going down from the bone growth at the posterior plate of the heel. it has been 6 days on crutches, today she is weight bearing,still ++pain to touch, but the doc said no fracture now. what would our next step be? redo the xray,see an orthopod?i probably could get a disc of the xray. any help appreciated

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    This is a self limiting problem. When the growth plate (apophysis) of the heel is done growing at approximately 14 years for girls, then it usually is over. It is hard to diagnose fractures of the growth plate of the heel. We always take comparison views of the other foot to compare. In 27 years I have seen many more inflammation of the growth plate than fractures. That is not to say that it does not happen. When it does, cast immobilization is indicated. Rest is the key. Serial x-rays are taken to track the progress. It almost always takes longer than the patient and the parents want to hear. Seeing another doctor is of course your choice, but if the child is still hurting, what is the difference, the area is not healed.


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