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I fell into a hole on April. When I was away from home. I found out in emergency room that I( injured the legiment) After seeing a PDM, I found out that I had fracture Calcaneus after seeing the XRAY which was misdignosed in the hospital. I was on removable cast for two months then he told me that I can switch to walking sneaker and continue using cruches and going for therapy/ swimming.
There has been great improvement.
Now in August, I am back home and My G.P. recommeded a visit to Orthopedic and MRI. MRI report:There is a non-displaced fracture involving the mid and posterior calcaneus.
The fracture extends to the posterior subtalar joint.
Marrow edema is present in the talus and medical cuneiform, consistent with bone contusions at these sites.
No soft tissue masses are identified. There is no ankle joint effusion.
The ankle tendons and ligaments are intact.
The plantar fascia is intact.
Impression: Non-displaced calcaneal fraacture with extension of the fracture to the posterior subtalar joint.
Bone contusionsinvolving the talus and medial cuneiform. The new Podiatrist wants to put me on unremovable cast for 6 weeks because I still have some discomfort pain and still use crutches. He feels that I will faced future dicomfort and injurey to the other bone such as achillie because of the fracture.
I am very confused and I like to know if I should go ahead with this cast or seek second opinion.
I appreciate your help.N.Britton


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Get another opinion and ask questions until you are comfortable with the answers.


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    Hi,My Dad fell 6 weeks ago and shattered his calcanious – not good Thanks


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