Calf injury

help. i have a cronic calf injury that noone yet has been able to diagnois. it comes on only from running. biking and hiking do not effect it. when running slowly(and usually near the beginning of a run), a muscle deep in the calf will cramp up very quickly and i will be forsed to limp home. in fact , it will hurt for days .
i then rest it , stretch, and not run for many days.
if i am lucky, i will then be able to run without it happening for a few months . then, seemimgly out of nowhere, it will happen again. this has gone on for several years.
it can happen in either calf.
please help!

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    ive had a similar problem to you over the last 3 years, it could be a sural nerve entrapment, its an diagnosed injury and is uncommon but it can happen to anyone who exercises on a regular basis.


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