calf injury

I am 49 yr.old runner and like a fool I entered a 1 mile race and sprinted the last 200 yrs. and pulled my calf . It has been 3 weeks and the pain in my calf feels like a knife sticking me and sometimes the bottom of my foot falls asleep how much longer will this go on thank you Tom

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    Tom,Sorry to say, but this sounds like a classic tear of your Achilles Tendon…probably a complete tear. You need to see an Orthopedist for an MRI as soon as possible. If this is the injury, then you will probably need reconstructive surgery, followed by physical therapy. Please get an exam and diagnosis as soon as possible, and let us know the results. Hopefully, the injury will not be as bad as I fear it will be. Please let us know the diagnosis, and good luck.


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