Calf injury, can treatment or time be best?

Male at 54 recieved my first sports injury. Since Feb. 1st, I’ve been power walking 40-60 minutes 5 days a week to get into shape. Fealing good, three weeks ago, I added weekly tennis drills at the club. Feeling fine this a.m. I did my ample pre-stretching and hit the courts. Fifteen minutes later, as I was moving forward to my right, a sharp pain latched on to my left legs calf muscle right down the rear center spanning six inches from just below the knees’ back. There is no discoloration in the area and the calf is slightly puffed-up.After 4 hours of giving the calf the RICE treatment, there is still the same level of pain when trying to walk forward — much less when walking sideways where the left leg sweeps across my body’s front. I guess it’s a minor tear or pulled. Besides staying off my feet until healed, is there anything I could do to speed its recovery and get back into walking or Tennis sooner?

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