Calf knots…please help!

I have been experiencing painful calf knots (only with exercise). I always have 1 on the outside of 1 leg and 3 on the outside of the other leg (located approx OUTSIDE mid-calf)..They eventually go away, once rested and stretched…but make it extremely hard to work on cardio. I am very flexible and have noticeable calf muscles. So, I am not sure…what they could be. I exercise regularly and have no other swellings or soreness. But I have been noticing other gym-goers and they do not seem to have them. Please help or any suggestions would be great!!!!

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    Hmmm. The first thing that comes to my mind is that you may not be warming up properly. The first thing that you should do is walk for about 7-10 minutes and THEN stretch. A lot of people stretch before they warm up, but that doesn’t do any good because their muscles aren’t warmed up yet and they increase thier chances of accidently pulling something. You may also not be getting dehydrated during your workout.

    Since it seems that you don’t have any pain I don’t really think that this is anything to worry about, especially since it sounds like your calves are have good strength and flexibility. I hope that this helps!



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