Calf Muscle

I was running around kicking a ball with my young boys when I suddenley felt a severe pull /rip in my right calf. The pain was immediate as was my inability to stand straight on my right leg. My muscle feels tight at the moment and slightly sore but it is almost impossible to walk unless I bend my right knee and walk on my toes. The pain is too severe to stand straight or walk properly. I played a lot of football upto been around 25 (I’m now 37)and have been sore with muscle strain and fatigue but have never experienced anything like this before. Should I get it checked out or am I being too dramatic?

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    Hello, My injury issimilar to Tony’s. I was in the second set of a tennis match (so thought I was warmed up) and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left calf. I can walk on it, but can’t put any real pressure on it (and had to forfeit the match). Some people said tomassage it, others said let it rest. Some said apply ice, some said heat. It seems more like a cramp than a pulled muscle, but I can’t be sure. Any recommendations on how to diagnose it and treat it? Thank you. A


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